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Actionable market intelligence beyond what post-conference analytics can capture

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Conference & Meeting Assessments

Organizers rely on many forms of data to improve the conference experience. Quantitative data points and post conference surveys are important because they reveal what people do, but fall short of telling you why they do it.

And understanding your attendee why is critical to innovating on what is the greatest source of member recruitment & retention for most associations.

Our Conference Assessment Package is broken down into the following key deliverables:

  • A pre-conference journey mapping session where, together, we outline what you think your conference experience is like for each attendee segment.
  • In-the-field observations and interviews. Our team of user experience professionals hits the ground for a full immersion.
  • A final analysis that consists of a detailed map of your “true” attendee journey (we overlay the journey we witnessed on top of what you thought your customer journey was) paired with a list of immediately actionable and long term innovations designed to better meet attendee needs.

AASLD attendee journey results in ways to drive revenue and increase membership