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84% of digital transformation projects fail. Yours doesn’t have to.

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Digital Success Partnership

  • Is your staff frustrated and overwhelmed by the silos that exist between departments?
  • Are your technical investments led by product functionality rather than member needs?
  • Have you created “workarounds” because your technical solutions "just don’t quite fit" your unique needs?
  • Are you struggling to truly connect with your audiences?

Our Digital Success Partnership is designed to arm your team with the tools and expertise to better serve your members and more effectively work with each other.

Give us 12 months and we will give you:

A Member Advocacy Council

The silos that exist between your communications, membership and technology departments are causing you to address rapidly evolving customer needs too slowly or not at all. A unified understanding of your members can better direct your time and budgets.

A Customer Feedback loop

We give you ways to bring the full voice of your members to the table on a regular basis. Once you have consistent customer feedback you can mobilize employees around integrated touchpoints, journeys, and consistent experiences.

A Digitally Confident Team

Quarterly workshops on innovation, communications and the latest in digital technology are designed to give your team the knowledge to thrive.

Better use of existing technical investments

Your association management system, community platform, websites and marketing systems can work together. The focus of this partnership is to create lasting success within your organization in a way that allows you to make technology and marketing decision that better support your member needs.