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Technical Lead

Do you understand what it takes to grow and lead a team of developers with a diverse skillset?  Do you have a curiosity for and experience with a broad set of technologies yet, a deep understanding of and love for Drupal and Wordpress?

The right candidate will work within our innovation framework to evaluate and recommend new technologies and solutions to our clients. You will support the sales/marketing process and should enjoy interacting with clients and representing the company at conferences as a thought leader. Internally, you will grow and manage a team of developers (both in-house and offshore).  Building and growing an environment that will allow creative technologists to thrive is the ultimate goal of this position. 

You will create an environment for developers to be successful including direct responsibility over: 

  • Software dev methodology
  • Tech Stack
  • Coding and testing standards
  • Hiring 

We are a small and thriving company! This means that the Technical lead will need to roll up their shirtsleeves and keep their fingers in the code as needed.  We anticipate 50% of this job to be coding.

Key components of this role:

  • Lead and grow a senior-level technical team in an Agile(ish) environment
  • Ensure industry standards are followed and met consistently
  • Evaluate and recommend new technologies or technology trends
  • Support sales presentations, lead technical demonstrations and support proposals with cost estimations
  • Have comprehensive experience working with research, UX, design and development teams to build digital experiences

How to join our team

  1. Send your resume, experience, and what you find appealing about this opportunity to
  2. No inquiries from recruiters or other agents or from companies will be considered.