October 12, 2018
by superuser

What I Learned as an Intern at a Digital Consultancy - Part 1

After about 4 months here at Boldr Strategic Consulting, I’m happy to say this is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life so far. Truthfully, I’ve learned more about digital marketing this summer than I have through out my past 3 years of my undergraduate career. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to work as an intern at Boldr.

I had walked in a complete novice to Internet marketing and only had my knowledge of social media to my advantage. Now as my time at Boldr is nearing to a close and I prepare to head back to school, I’m satisfied to say that I am a more experienced student marketer. This internship was more than another workplace list on my resume.

Yes, I did have a fun experience at Boldr this summer. I felt for the first time with my past career as an intern that I actually felt as a part of the team. It felt as if fetching coffee, filling out mountains of paperwork and running errands were over. I was welcomed with open arms, as the employees cared about my professional development and guaranteed that I had a relevant task to complete.

The experiences that I enjoyed so much didn’t come without challenges. I was pushed to go outside my comfort zone and try things I have never done before. While I could review a lot of the practical things I had learned this summer, it would take a while. So, rather, I’m going to review three overall lessons that I learned, at a digital consultancy, for any students interested in this field.