October 12, 2018
by superuser

What I Learned as an Intern at a Digital Consultancy - Part 2

Work Culture Makes a Huge Difference

I got to witness firsthand on how an awesome work culture really does affect employees and the overall organization.

When work is flexible and casual, yet efficient, people are happy, work hard and have enjoyment while doing it. Boldr has events, work lunches every week and occasional days where employees can bring in their dogs. Their office is an open space creating an easy-going atmosphere, this mixes it up from the stereotypical cubicle environment that can make the work place dull.

After I graduate college, I am going to look for an employer that will have the same focus on culture. As I had learned from my time at Boldr, culture is really everything. It influences your workday happiness, and attracts helpful, hardworking, and fun employees.

Experience is Everything

There are numerous tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout my internship that never previously occurred to me. Some things simply have to be learned through experience.

You can do all of the studying and preparation in the word and still end up running into roadblocks or learning unexpected things when you actually do something. Regardless of their nature, these lessons through experience should be more than welcome.

Although it’s important to ask questions and do your due diligence, you don’t want to get stuck over-analyzing a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. Just go for it. Take action, and you’ll learn plenty along the way.

For interns who are looking to start a career in digital marketing, the most important thing you should be focusing on is experience. Join a marketing club, start a business, or shadow marketers. Even just start a website for practice. Obtaining experience is the quickest way to learn digital marketing, and it’s also the most effective way to differentiate yourself from others competing for the same jobs.

It's Ok to Make Mistakes

Mistakes are part of your growth and they will always be, whether you are a beginner or an expert. No matter how small of a mistake, it is still a vital part of developing a personal process which serves as an improvement agent. Be honest with yourself when you make one, because only then you’ll be able to understand the cause of it and find an appropriate solution on how to prevent it in the future. Mistakes are just as important as achievements because they lead towards becoming better.

Even if you give your best at that moment, not everyone will appreciate it or recognize it. People in general, whether they are clients or audience, tend to point out mistakes rather than compliment you for a good job you’re doing. It’s a part of human nature, so don’t be hard on yourself and take it too personally. Keep your head cool and be prepared for those kinds of situation. Experience stems from mistakes and this is the only way you'll be able to grow into the best version of yourself that you can be.


I learned so much during my internship with Boldr and I can’t wait to bring those real-world lessons back to school with me this semester. This experience has better prepared me for the workforce, giving me the skills I need to do amazing work that I’m proud of. If you're interested in having an internship providing you with experience for digital consultancy then this is it!