A Modern Brand after 118 years

Creating a pleasurable & personalized member experience

Brand Refresh

Boldr worked to modernize AAU’s logo and tagline, setting the stage for positioning AAU as the leading voice of a select, widely respected and highly influential group of universities. We carried that brand through their other digital properties and print materials.



Website Redesign in Drupal 8

The new website was designed to engage audiences with a more comprehensive suite of digital media. We worked with AAU to package content in ways that are more visually compelling and better connected the overall brand. An easily searchable resource library combined with a well thought out information architecture ensured a consistant and easy to use experience

Personalization Through Integration

“A selection of a few key documents on a particular issue would be a big time-saver,” wrote one stakeholder survey respondent. To solve this problem Boldr integrated the Drupal 8 CMS with the Association Management System. We were able to pull content from both systems, based on the member’s role and expressed preferences. Members are also allowed to bookmark content and save it to their personalized dashboard.


Final Result

The technological shift to an extensible, scalable, and cost-effective Drupal 8 platform provides for ease of deployment, management, and security for AAU’s digital presence, ending the costly cycle of redesign.
For AAU staff, this initiative provides enhanced web publishing tools, easy creation of interactive content experiences, and the enhanced ability to meet the changing needs of AAU and adapt to the speed of opportunity.

This new platform, combined with robust training of staff, has already enabled them to increase staff efficiencies with regard to creating, modifying and extending content.