Building a Digitally Confident Team

Community Health Charities creates long lasting success.

Community Health Charities (CHC) initially reached out to Boldr to improve the effectiveness of their web properties. At the same time CHC was shifting their position in the marketplace to one where they are considered the premier resource for workplace giving as well as employee engagement and wellness programs.

What started as a 30 day engagement designed to clean up their existing website led to a year and a half of significant improvements that culminated in a fully trained staff who have successfully transitioned to implementing digital operations themselves.

Marketing Plan

Through a series of meetings, interviews and workshops, we gained a clear understanding where there were gaps in knowledge about key audience groups. We created a multi channel marketing plan that was paired with a content calendar. We clearly defined roles so that implementation was easy to manage & track.



Awareness Campaigns

Our award winning creative team created several campaigns – of note is the “Every Kid Deserves” campaign that we paired with a video, social messages and compelling landing pages.

A Website With Impact

We re-configured key pages on the website to better support users coming from various mediums. Part of this effort entailed understanding how the CHC sales team was presenting new programs in the field and making sure that the website was picking up and delivering information where the sales process left off.



Final Result

Within six months CHC saw:

163% Increase in visitors from social media
70% Increase in page visitors
-34% Decline in bounce rate
18%  Increase from optimized Adwords
99%  Decrease in Social Media Bounce Rate