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The Council for Responsible Nutrition

Modernizing technology comes with an updated perception

CRN is the leading trade association representing dietary and functional food industry. The previous website consisted of a patchwork of outdated HTML generated from Dreamweaver over several years. CRN staff had lost their ability to easily tell their story in a way that conveyed sense of confidence in the industry.


We started data-driven approach to this project, using a variety of methodologies to gain greater insight into member needs including:

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Audience Segmentation Analysis
  3. Content Inventory & Audit
  4. Analytics Analysis
CRN Discovery
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A Strategic Decision to Improve Industry Perception

Our research revealed that members wanted CRN to help boost confidence in the industry. We also heard that members wanted to be able to easily find relevant information on the website. We recommended first creating a modern technical framework from which to build their communications. That framework was to be built upon a stunning and well organized visual design that was accessible from any mobile device.

A Modern Technical Framework

Benefitting from the improved administrative features of Drupal 8, CRN staff can easily publish content once and use it in multiple places, which creates more consistency and improves efficiency. Staff can easily spin-off branded microsites for events or conferences using the multi-site capability

Visually, our team focused on using fresh, warm and compelling designs throughout the site to convey a sense of industry responsibility, integrity, accountability and transparency.

CRN Design

Final Result

In addition to improved navigation and search, a new resource section that includes facts sheets, economic reports and consumer data, an improved member directory, and specific tools for committee specific information all increase the ability to easily access information.

30% Increase in visitors to
70% Increase in pageviews
18% Overall bounce rate decline as traffic became more targeted