Surgical Precision

Surgical Precision

How this 100 year old organization came to better understand their members

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) was established in 1820 and is responsible for the creation of the State Board of Health. We helped them redefine their narrative & convey it online with a website redesign. A significant part of this project was re-evaluating and re-defining audience segments.


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A Variety of User Research Methodologies

Stakeholder interviews, surveys, ethnographic field research, and meetings with the MSV staff and board helped to better define the needs of each audience segment. A “Kill the Company” exercise with MSV staff and Board of Directors followed by a customer experience map tied it all together.

Role Based Personalization

Every user is directed to log into the website in order to view content specific to their professional specialty. We integrated Drupal with MSV backend systems and brought that data forward into key areas of the website. Content was served up based on user role. This level of integration combined with tagging and taxonomy has created an elegant and personalized experience for each user.

Strategic Recommendations


  • Our recommendations in this project were built around three pillars:
  • Leadership: Be a beacon of leadership for physicians across the state.
  • Technology: Utilize powerful, evolving technologies to create a personalized, high-touch 
  • Content Messaging & Strategy: Package MSV's phenomenal resources (including staff) in easily consumable formats that keep its members engaged and help non-members realize the value of membership.

There were multiple recommendations designed to new sources of revenue and create cost saving for MSV.

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Final Result

Today MSV leads the way in advocating for patient protection in the current managed care environment and for access to health care for all Virginians.

46.4% Increase in average session duration
20.2% Decrease in bounce rate
165% Increase in social referral traffic
17.9%  Increase in mobile traffic
30%  Increase in page visits



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