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Resource Library Increases Member Value

ICPI Makes Use of Existing Technical Investments

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) is primarily focused on serving Manufacturers with the end goal of selling more pavers. We created a Drupal website to serve as a source of education and inspiration for the public, contractors, legislatures and manufacturers.

Industry-submitted Content

Contractors can now showcase their work. We created a way for members to log in and submit a project. With little effort, ICPI staff could review and publish the project to a visual project library. ICPI has the ability to tag specific projects with technical specifications, products and the contractors themselves in order to provide users with the full spectrum of information in a consistently beautiful format.

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Role Based Personalization

Boldr instituted a single-sign-on process with ACGI that allows ICPI members to log in to the new website, streamlining the member access to confidential documents and information. Members can update their information in real-time, and get access to content based on role, no matter where they are. Members can also upload and share important documents with ICPI staff.

Resource Library

ICPI had been collecting and storing thousands of documents outlining best practices and templates from concrete pavers globally. The information was stored in the Association Anywhere database. Boldr created a way to expose this valuable information to members of ICPI and separately to the public. The database allows concrete pavers to search by state for detail drawings, guide specifications, technical papers or software programs. Members have the ability to communicate directly with the owners of the successful projects and to access information not available to the public through their member dashboard

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Final Result

Five years later, we continue to work with ICPI staff to improve their online presence.  From creating social media plans and compelling content to new functionality ICPI and Boldr have worked hand in hand to serve the industry.

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