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Integrating the AMS, CMS and Community Platform for a Global Community

Tax Executives Institute (TEI) is the preeminent international association of business executives responsible for the tax affairs of their employers. TEI’s website was dated, and not easily accessible to its members or the public. Largely built in SharePoint, TEI struggled to customize the layout and navigation to their satisfaction.


Boldr performed a series of user research tasks. Our findings resulted in some key themes:

  • Chapter leaders crave more support in running their chapter business
  • There is opportunity in the leadership path to attract emerging professionals
  • The website contains a lot of information but lacks the right kind of information
  • TEI sponsors present unique opportunities that members could benefit from
TEI Mobile
TEI Chapters

The intuitive site architecture and design consistently communicate TEI’s values across many potential touchpoints. The Drupal 8 website streamlined how chapters managed emails, registered members for events, better tracked CE credits, and created a better way to store and search for committee documents. By pulling data from both Netforum and Higher Logic we were able to provide a comprehensive experience

Drupal – HigherLogic – Abila Integration.

e streamlined the membership process for both members and staff. On the back-end of that process, Boldr implemented a new member approval process, moving away from a series of internal emails that burdened TEI staff and chapter leaders. Now maintained between Drupal and netFORUM - with a simple approval interface living in Drupal. This change lets staff process applications much easier and they can easily see where a person stands in the approval process at any time. In addition, the application automatically checks that potential members have met the membership requirements before allowing submission, checking years of employment and experience. This saves TEI staff time from having to deal with member applications that are incomplete or insufficient.


Final Result

Today, TEI staff can easily make changes on the Drupal 8 website. Due to the tight integration between Higher Logic, Drupal and Abila Netforum members can access a variety of information in one centralized location.

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