Experience & guidance for managing technology projects


Associations undertaking the implementation of an Association Management System (AMS) or Content Management System (CMS) find that the time it takes to ensure that your implementation maintains momentum, involves all key players, and navigates possible risks is difficult.  

The project duration doesn’t satisfy another full-time hire, but the workload is too much for a single staff person to take on in addition to their every day tasks.

We offer seasoned technical project managera who understands the impact of new software on the various aspects of your organization.  The role of a Boldr Fractional Project Manager is to:  

  • Keep project momentum and staff morale are kept high throughout the course of the project
  • Identify risks and obstacles that could slow or halt progress on the project
  • Develop an AMS implementation plan with client staff to determine specific deliverables and timeline.
  • Align this plan with the vendor timelines & deliverables
  • Invite the correct stakeholders at the appropriate time in the course of the project  
  •  Ensure the project is not “silo’d” by departments and therefore key information is not collected and existing issues persist

With our Fractional Project Management program, hire us for what you need & when you need it. Our availability is flexible to specific business needs, whether 2 or 60 hours per week, and for however long we're needed.